Boca Systems Technology

Boca ticket printers are the most flexible and powerful direct thermal printers on the market today.
Direct thermal technology eliminates the need for ink, toner and ribbon required by most other printing mechanisms.

Handling of Boca printers is as easy as can be. The endless (preferably fanfolded) ticket stock is inserted into the printer, after which it is automatically recognized and lined up for correct positioning and printing.
The Boca is made to print on thick paper material (up to 300 grams/m2) and even thermal PVC (plastic) can be used.

The ticket sizes are both in length and width very flexible. The print resolution is either 200 or 300 dpi (600 dpi available on request). Maximum print speed is an industry leading 14" per second (200 dpi, high speed configuration). FGL is Boca's industry standard programming language, which allows the user to print data, graphics, boxes and bar codes anywhere on the ticket in virtually any direction.

All our printers come with TrueType font capability, which allows you to use any font you would desire. BOCA also offers an optional PCL4® interface, which emulates an HP LaserJet IIP printer.
Simply select the HP printer driver from your Windows® menu and enjoy all of the fonts and features inherent in Windows®. (NOTE: PCL4® is less efficient than FGL and is not recommended for speed sensitive applications, only available with parallel interface) Of course BOCA also offers Windows, Linux and Apple MAC drivers.
So, whatever system you would like to operate your ticketing (or labelling) from, BOCA can, and will, help you do it.

BOCA ticket printers are offered with a choice of two levels of electronics. Our basic level is called FGL Standard and our enhanced level is called FGL Advanced. The FGL Advanced option provides the user with a number of additional features including increased print speed, user accessible flash memory, PCX graphics compatibility, scaleable fonts, Asian Font options (Japanese, Korean, Chinese), and the PCL4® option. We refer to the Basic Printer Specifications & FGL Comparison Chart for details.

Our printers meet the strict requirements of the major international agencies including FAA and DSNA. With more than 20 years experience in this domain mikmek is offering the best solution to replace old equipments with modern and silent printers.

Our constant drive to provide you with the best possible products has resulted in one patent in printer technology and a patent pending in printing technology.

Safety first for the “Green” Boca printers

Where the competition falls short, Boca does not!

Boca printers are the only direct thermal printers that are compliant with UL safety guidelines and received certification. Furthermore Boca printers received the energy star label, indicating that their L-series printer range is energy efficient during operation.

Boca is the only direct thermal printer manufacturer to receive the energy star label for their heavy duty printers. The Energy star means that Boca printers are 40% more energy efficient, run cooler and last longer than their counterparts. So if your business relies on thermal printing equipment and you want it to be safe and green, start considering the Boca L-series printer range.