Boca Special Printers

Our Specials have been specially constructed for specific areas of operation. All BOCA special printers can easily be integrated into existing (box-office) systems and offer the high quality that may be expected from BOCA.

mikmek offers 3 Specials.
To help you choose the perfect printer, please click on the desired model for more detailed information.

  • FSP: Flight Strip Printer for air traffic control systems
  • STF: Single Ticket Feed printers for network ticketing
  • L-Wristband: wristband printer for personalisation of wristbands
    (also available with RFID)

Our printers meet the strict requirements of the major international agencies including FAA and DSNA.
With more than 20 years experience in this domain mikmek is offering the best solution to replace old equipments with modern and silent printers.