Mikmek distributes Boca printers and tickets through its various Scandinavian subsidiaries. The reliability of the Boca Systems products in combination with our comprehensive Technical Support secures your ticketing business.

Our Maintenance & Service Centre offers the best Service and Maintenance on Boca Printers in Scandinavia. Through our close cooperation with Ticket Labe Solution and (TLS) in NL and Boca Systems in the US and our vast experience on the Scandinavian market, Mikmek has the needed skills and knowledge to offer our clients the support they deserve.

Additionally, Mikmek is a flexible and reliable supplier as we are able to deliver from stock and, if needed, we offer our rental service to provide you with a temporary substitute printer.

The sturdy Boca printer is the industry standard for fast, high-quality thermal printing. Moreover, the combination of the Boca Printers and Boca Tickets guarantees carefree, high-quality and fast ticketing.

As the Boca printer has become the industry standard, we are often asked to adjust a Boca printer for special applications. These applications often require a modification of an existing Boca printer in order to create the best solution for the customer. In such a case, Mikmek will not hesitate helping you find your tailor-made solutions.

Mikmek mainly supplies the Boca products through its systems partners (software developers and hardware service companies). The system partner then delivers our printers and/or tickets to the end user(s). Our end users mainly operate in the following application areas:

  • Hotels
  • Airports
  • Public transport
  • Cinemas
  • Theatres
  • Congress centres
  • Exhibition centres
  • Entertainment parks
  • Family parks
  • Sports stadiums
  • Museums
  • Ticketing services
  • Car rentals